Prevention Initiatives
The Diamond Movement partners with schools in many states to provide education, awareness, and empowerment to young girls.
Empowerment Initiatives

Sex Trafficking


Teen Pregnancy
Peer Pressure

Eating Disorders

Abusive Relationships and Dating

Child Abuse

Drug Abuse

Life Skills Initiatives

Job Interview Skills

Dressing For Success

Communication Skills
Public Speaking

Balancing A Checkbook


Stress Management
Positive Attitude
Personal Power
Dreams and Vision
How To Say No

Self Esteem and Confidence

Body Image





All topics are available as Workshops or Keynotes

Dare To Be A Diamond (Self Esteem/Confidence)

Tiffany has lived through unacceptable circumstances and have since beat what statistics said she would be. It’s just one reason why she can Dare others To Be Diamonds. Tiffany relates from her heart-touching experiences how she's helping others believe they can overcome their obstacles and live the life they were dared to live. Tiffany found the Diamond inside that needed cutting and polishing. Tiffany will inspire you to do the same. Tiffany will empower you to empower yourself and others to Become Diamonds and achieve more than they thought was possible.


PURSE-U-ING Your Dreams (Entrepreneurship)

As a recipient of a national U.S patented design on her new innovative handbag on wheels Tiffany shares with her audience how Your Purse is filled with Multimillion-dollar ideas that are just waiting to be brought to life. It is time Now, not tomorrow, to become who you were born to be. She believes that Following Your Dreams Today will put you closer to living your Dreams Tomorrow. If a poor abused girl can achieve all this why can't you?! Just dig deep inside Your Purse and Purse U those dreams.

Lead With The Diamond Principles (Leadership)

These principles will help transform any individual from and ordinary leader to an extraordinary leader
• Finding Your Voice - What is Your Leadership Style?
• Levels of Leadership
• The 7 Fundamental Principles of Leadership
• Servant hood Leadership - Making a Difference

Breaking The Silence –A Girls Only Workshop (Abuse)

According to statistics more than 40 percent of those who experienced sexual violence in their lifetimes had two or more incidences prior to age 18. Everyday young girls around the country are physically and sexually abused and because it’s such a topic that leaves feelings of pain and shame many young girls do not come forth to tell their stories. As a past victim of physical and sexual abuse I have made it my mission to change this sad fact and help young girls become more comfortable and empowered to break their silence.

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